Our Congregations
Evangelical Lutheran Congregation
790 Arcadia St. / Arcadia
German / Afrikaans
Evangelisch-Lutherische Paulusgemeinde
844 Arcadia St. / Arcadia

Worldview Everlasting
Lutheran Satire

Other Lutheran Student Ministries
LCMS U – The Student Ministry Department of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod in the USA
Corpus Christi – A Youth and Student Ministry in Northern Europe
Higher Things – Christ on Campus – Another American Lutheran Student Ministry

Confessional Lutheran Churches in South Africa
The Free Evangelical Lutheran Synod in South Africa
The Lutheran Church in Southern Africa [site not active]
The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane

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  1. Great to find your webiste.You and the challenges of your ministry , as well as the decimation of your ants population is In our prayers here in wintery snowy “lake effect” Michigan. where the ants have gone underground for a season. May the Lord direct your ways and the students to your parish door. Isiaiah 55:11

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